4 Entrepreneurs You Should Know in Indianapolis

Since embarking on a painting career the last two years, I've often asked myself, "Why am I doing this?" My once certain, concise answers have expanded over the years. In the first few months of taking the plunge to paint full time, I can hear myself say excitedly, "Because I love it!" "Because art has power to bring social change." "Because I'm too restless for a desk job." How have those answers expanded? Well, I do love to paint, except when painting after painting looks awful, I'm anxious, depressed, and paralyzed by self-doubt. I still believe art has power, but after painting fruit study after fruit study I began to see the importance of very mundane studies that were doing less for the good of our society and more for my technique. Yes, I am indeed still far too restless for a desk job, but I have discovered with great disappointment the incredible amount of email writing, bookkeeping, and schedule-making that has to happen to run a business (who knew?!).

In the midst of this journey, I have been so excited to connect with various other entrepreneurs in Indianapolis. They are brilliant, determined, creative business owners who also experience ups and downs of the daily grind but BELIEVE in their products/services so much. Allow me to introduce you to some of the best I know:

  1. Kahunify - Kara Gladish, Big Kahuna - offers marketing services and strategies customized to achieve your business’s goals, including web design, email marketing, social media, online advertising, blogging, and branding. www.kahunify.com

  2. The Baer Minimalist - Maria Baer, Residential Organizer + Party Stylist helps busy families create organized + stylized spaces and events throughout greater Indianapolis. www.thebaerminimalist.com

  3. Polish Interior and Art Design - Courtney Walker Pope, Co-owner and Lead Interior Designer offers a full service, Indianapolis based firm specializing in all facets of residential and boutique commercial design. www.polishinteriors.com

  4. Crafted Taste - Kat Rudberg Gordon, Founder and CEO, is a cocktail of the month club and gift service. Our luxe cocktail kits are stocked with premium products and delivered direct to your door. www.craftedtaste.com

These business owners are the real deal, folks. Not only do they have what it takes to run a business, they have experienced along with me the unique challenges that come with it. Together, we remind ourselves it is SO worth it, because we really believe in what we do. 

Cheers to following the dream! 


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