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Hi everyone! 

Several months ago I got together with a group of Indy business owners to chat about our various experiences in all things entrepreneur related. We quickly realized we were motivated by our shared love for what we do and also had a lot to learn from each other's unique skill sets. As a result, our little group became slightly more official with the name "FoundHERS," and we decided that, in addition to meeting up every now and then, we would co-write a blog together, taking turns hosting each time. This month, I'm hosting the topic, "What is the best product or service you have discovered recently?" After all, we are constantly discovering new services that make our lives (and business goals) easier! 


From Kara Gladish, Big Kahuna, Kahunify


Did you know 20% of fruits and vegetables don't even make it to grocery stores because they are deemed too "ugly" to sell? A company called Imperfect Produce is fighting back against food waste by delivering these rejects to your door at affordable prices! Previously available in just San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Chicago, Imperfect Produce is now expanding to Indianapolis! I am very proud of our city, and as a foodie, I can't wait to enjoy such an ingenious and delicious service.




From Kat Rudberg Gordon, Founder and CEO, Crafted Taste


It can be tough to give great customer service when you run an eCommerce business, especially if you don't have a team to help. While I was happy with my response time with emails and online chat, I was overwhelmed when it came to traditional phone calls. Due to meetings, tasks and an unpredictable schedule, many customer calls were going straight to voicemail. Knowing that this was impacting how customers felt about Crafted Taste, I sought help from Ruby Receptionists. All calls are first directed to their receptionists, where a real live human based in the US greets your customers. From there, your calls are forwarded to you or sent to a voicemail. Knowing that my customers felt listened to immediately was a huge relief! I love that they're super flexible - you can customize your greeting script, provide answers to your most frequently asked questions, set open/closed times, use their app to direct calls to any phone, and they'll even run interference on cold calls/telemarketers.


From Maria Baer, Residential Organizer + Party Stylist, The Baer Minimalist


Each season it is important for me to sift through my wardrobe and determine if anything doesn't quite make the cut moving forward. For those items that are in great shape, I have found Poshmark to be such an amazing tool to re-sell clothing. The seller has the opportunity to choose their own sale price for each item they list, and the buyer covers the cost of shipping. Immediately upon selling an item, Poshmark emails you a two-day USPS shipping label. Print that puppy off, attach it to an old shoebox with your item packages neatly inside and drop it in your mailbox. Easy peasy! 



From Katie Smith, Founder, Careerable


Last year I was turned on to the Cultivate What Matters Power Sheets. This is a goal planner that is equal parts self reflection and action planning. After brainstorming your ten goals for the year, you create action plans for each goal and then assign it a month to accomplish it. Every season there is a check in for self, work, family, hobbies, health, etc. so you can get that full picture view regularly. Plus, there are fun stickers to include throughout that say things like, “Make time for this” and “Simplify”. I use this product in addition to my regular day planner where I schedule in appointments. The PowerSheets are all about thinking big about your Why and then breaking down your goals that align with that into actionable pieces. Plus, the pages are beautiful.. and did I mention there are stickers?




From Alicia Zanoni, Artist, Alicia Zanoni Fine Art 

Photo on 9-7-16 at 11.55 AM #2.jpg

Tax season as a private contractor has been incredibly daunting. This year I talked with an accountant friend about how to submit my taxes, and he referred me to Credit Karma, a free, online credit service that offers an incredibly simple tax software. At first I was skeptical - after all, free?? What's the catch? But within one day, I had entered in all the needed information to submit my taxes! It was a breeze! In addition to tax assistance, Credit Karma offers investment advice and credit info. As big a fan as I am of these services, I must the simple, colorful graphics of the site design are the main reasons I stuck around at first. There is nothing less intimidating about filing taxes as a colorful illustration assuring you that you're on the right track! But maybe that's just the artist talking. ;) 


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