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Hello! As an introduction — I grew up near Detroit, Michigan and then, in high school, Knoxville, Tennessee. Always a somewhat distracted and energetic child, my mom realized I could focus for hours when I painted and therefore signed me up for as many art classes as possible, much to my delight. After graduating from Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia in 2015 with degrees in Art and English, I worked for a year as a marketing assistant while also nannying for a family who allowed me to convert their living room into a studio. Wow, right?! Majorly generous of them! This makeshift studio ignited a spark in me to embark on a painting career. Soon after, an internship opportunity opened up at an art center in Indianapolis, Indiana called the Harrison Center, and before I knew it I was moving there for 10 weeks.

In these weeks during the summer of 2016, I worked in the Harrison Center office for a good part of each day and painted during off-hours. This experience introduced me to artists’ resources in the city (especially the Arts Council of Indianapolis). It also gave me a window into the lives of artists making a career out of their work who gave advice, loaned supplies, and invited me to paint with them (to name a few - Justin Vining, Kyle Ragsdale, Carolyn Springer, Quincy Owens, Johnny McKee) - and ultimately encouraged me to paint full-time.

Recently I moved into a solo studio space (Studio #55) at the Harrison Center, and you can find me there on the 1st Friday evening of each month, or you can always reach out to meet during the week! In my daily painting practice I look for surprising elements in familiar scenes, always aiming to evoke our undefined, deeply felt experiences. As Edward Hopper put it, “If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.”

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